My Favourite Coffee Machine

I love my coffee but have an aversion to the machines that use capsules as they are not the most eco-friendly containers.

So when my children gave me a coffee machine with an integrated grinder I was over the moon.

The coffee machine that sits proudly, and permanently, on my worktop is the Swan 1.25 L Bean To Cup model.

It is so simple to use and gives full control over number of cups, size of grind, and strength of the final brew. It even allows you to switch the grinder off if you want to use pre-ground coffee.

It took me a few tries until I found the settings that I like, and a few more tries to find a bean that had the flavour that appealed to me.

And one of the best features?

Being able to set the timer so that the smell of fresh ground coffee greets me in the morning when I walk into the kitchen.

Definitely the most loved device in my kitchen.

Find out more about the Swan 1.25 L Bean To Cup Coffee Machine here

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